Carnival Contracts 

  1. July, 2007-May 2008: Entertainment Host, Carnival Elation
  2. July, 2008-February, 2009: Entertainment Host, Carnival Elation
  3. June, 2009-September, 2009: Entertainment Host, Carnival Elation/Glory
  4. October, 2009-August, 2010: Comedy Club Manager, Carnival Dream/Sensation/Spirit/Conquest
  5. November, 2010-July, 2011: Comedy Club Manager, Carnival Dream
  6. August, 2011-March, 2012: Comedy Club Manager, Carnival Dream
  7. April 27, 2012 -May 11, 2013: Comedy Club Manager, Carnival Dream/Sunshine
  8. July 27, 2013 - February 1
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First time on stage: Sunday, August 16th, 1986, at the legendary Cleveland Comedy Club. I bombed so swiftly and so brutally that I bailed after three minutes. The MC, Mike Mailck, said, "Let's hear it for that Jeff Shaw kid. Kind of a short set. I caught it between strokes in the men's room."

The first person to congratulate me on surviving my first open mic was future superstar Drew Cary. He really liked one of my jokes: "My mom says I'm so slow I'd be late to my own funeral. I said, 'No, I wouldn't.

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  • I do remember opening for The Amazing Johnathan at Hilarities in Cleveland sometime near the end of the month.


16-21 Funny Bone @ the Market Place, Cincinnati, OH 

24-28 Funny Bone, Knoxville, TN (w/Bill Keller)


4-5 Holiday House, Monroevile, PA

9-12 Funny Bone, Pittsburgh (w/John Joseph)

16-19 Snickerz, Ft. Wayne, IN (TV taping "Night Shift with Kevin Ferguson") (w/ Bud Anderson)

23-26 Hilarities, Cuyahoga Falls, OH


30-3 Funny Bone, Milwaukee, WI

5-9 The

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I guess I've lost my date books for '89,'90,'91,'92. This sucks because these were four of my most productive years on the road. I worked the road 45-50 weeks each year, traversing the country many times and playing some of the best clubs in the country as a middle act, putting over 200,000 miles on my little white Yugo.

Some of the highlights of '89-'92 are:

  • Taping an episode of "Showtime's Comedy Club Network" at Hilarities alongside Steve Harvey. We got a multi-page write-up in the
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1-3 Crackers, Indianapolis, IN

8-9 Reading Comedy Outlet, Reading, IN (w/ Vinnie Mark)

29-30 Hysterical Management Tour of Midwest



2-6 Hysterical Management Tour of Midwest (w/Bruce "the Moose" Goodman)

10-14 Comedy Cottage @ the Star Plaza, Merryville, IN (w/Leo DeFour

19-20 Funny Business, Flint, MI (W/Steven Cruiser)



4-6  Portsmouth, OH

10-13 Comedy on Broadway, Lexington, KY

14 Hilarities, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

18-21 One-niter tour of Ohio (w/Kerry Pollack)

24-27 Hilarities,

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2-6 Funny Bone, South Bend, IN

11-13 Italian Villa, Lancaster, PA

17-20 Funny Bone, Monroeville, PA

23-26 Funny Bone @ Station Square, Pittsburgh, PA

27 Beaver Falls, PA


4-5 David Stein's Reading Comedy Outlet, Reading, PA (w/John Knight)

17-19 Deja Vu, Columbia, MO

22-24 Comedy Zone one-niters across South Carolina

25-26 Comedy Zone, Charleston, SC


19-21 Comedy Zone one-niters, Gulf Coast (w/Al Katz)

22-23 Comedy Zone, Biloxi, MS (w/Al Katz)

26-28 Comedy Zone

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MAY 3 Cassette-only release of my first comedy Album Jeffio


Aug. 30-2 Snickerz, Ft. Wayne, IN (HEADLINING)

5 Comedy Zone, Biloxi, MS

6 Comedy Zone, Dothan, AL

7 Comedy Zone, Ft. Walton Beach, FL

8-9 Comedy Zone, Orlando, FL

13-16 Wiley's, Dayton, OH

20-23 Tour of Minnesota

26 Huron, OH (opening for Chuck Booms)

30 The Odeon, Cleveland, OH (In concert, opening for Chuck Booms)


12-15 Skyline Comedy Club, Appleton, WI

19 Sleepy Hollow Inn, Liganeer, PA


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In addition to being another heavy touring year, 1196 was the year I started my writing career. While spending over 40 weeks on the year, I wrote dozens of 1,500 word essays for Cleveland's Scene Magazine.

In may of this year I also started opening for James Gregory in top clubs throughout the Southeast. Traveling was fun again thanks to the bright red Ford Probe I bought new in February.



Dec. 31 NYE @ the Beck Center, Lakewood, OH

6 Bear's Place, Bloomington, IN

7-12 Comedy Caravan, Louisville, KY

15-19 Funny Bone, Green Bay, WI

29-Mar. 2 Funny Bone, Evansville, IN


5 Comedy Zone, Greenville, NC (w/Dean Gaines)

6 Comedy Zone, Redford, VA (w/Dean Gaines)

7 Comedy Zone, Stanton, VA (w/Dean Gaines)

9 Comedy Zone, Fayettville, NC (w/Dean Gaines)


13 Comedy Zone, Harrisonburg, VA

14-15 Comedy Zone, Charleston, WA

18 Fairmount College, Fairmount, WV

19-22 Charlie Goodnight's,

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31-4 Funny Bone, Green Bay, WI

14-18 Funny Bone @ Station Square, Pittsburgh, PA

22-24 Main Street Comedy Showcase HEADLINING

27-1 Crackers, Indianapolis, IN


6-8 The Italian Villa (w/ Scott Bruce)

12-13 Shooters, Saginaw, MI

20-21 The Mad Hatter Comedy Club, Painesville, OH

25 The Attic, Greenville, NC (w/James Vernon)

27 Comedy Zone, Lynchburg, VA (w/James Vernon)


1 Cagney's, Fayettevile, NC

4-7 The Comedy Cabana, Myrtle Beach, SC

11 Funny Business, Flint, MI

12-14 Gary Field's

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