The virtual comedy show (Live From Prague) - 10/10/2022

The 500 Section lounge - 3/3/2022

Episode 119: jeff shaw cleans up in the lounge!

Come hang with Sam, Richey, and Little Matt!

The guys welcome in yet another fantastic comedian into the #Lounge this week! Jeff (with two Fs) Shaw comes in and hangs out.

Jeff has been doing comedy for over 30 years, and Sam saw his comedy special on Dry Bar Comedy, and knew he would fit in with the Loungers! Currently, he does a lot of cruise ships, and then fills in free dates on land.

Jeff is certainly not short on words, and the Lounge LOVES that! Honestly, there were only about 3 total questions asked to Jeff, but there was NOT a lack of things they talked about.

Jeff talks about how he got his start in comedy, and how he KNEW he was going to be famous! Who were a couple of the comedians he interacted with, at the start, and who were some of the comedians who inspire him.


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