I'm OK, YOU'RE UK! "The COmedian's COMEDIAN" EPISODE # 439

If you love podcasts that discuss the nuts and bolts of standup comedy, then the United Kingdom's The Comedian's Comedian Podcast with Stuart Goldsmith is the podcast for you. It's Jeff's favorite podcast and now he's a guest even though British comedy fans have no idea who the heck Jeff is. (Something they share with American comedy fans.) Here are the notes from the show:

In 1987, Jeff Shaw decided he was going to do comedy for a living. He meant it. 

With shades of “The Story Of Anvil”, this interview follows a man who has picked himself up and started again over four decades, each time achieving a version of his dream, and surviving the paradigm shifts that have accompanied his every decade in the US comedy industry. 

With thousands of shows under his belt, and still chasing his dream, Jeff lays out his career as a standup, a comedy writer, and a Carnival Cruise comedy club manager, before he found stand-up again, all the while displaying limitless hope, humility and gratitude.

Extras include an Insider’s guide to what works and what doesn’t on a cruise ship comedy gig, from his unique perspective of both act and booker.

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Jeff oversleeps again!

clean out your ears! (Clean comedy PODCAST, Appearance 2)

jeff goes behind the bar at dry bar comedy