• I do remember opening for The Amazing Johnathan at Hilarities in Cleveland sometime near the end of the month.


16-21 Funny Bone @ the Market Place, Cincinnati, OH 

24-28 Funny Bone, Knoxville, TN (w/Bill Keller)


4-5 Holiday House, Monroevile, PA

9-12 Funny Bone, Pittsburgh (w/John Joseph)

16-19 Snickerz, Ft. Wayne, IN (TV taping "Night Shift with Kevin Ferguson") (w/ Bud Anderson)

23-26 Hilarities, Cuyahoga Falls, OH


30-3 Funny Bone, Milwaukee, WI

5-9 The Punchline, Greenville, SC

12 Zanies, Nashville, TN "Mid-South Laff Off" (Last place!)

15-17 Comedy Zone, Biloxi, MS (w/J. Anthony Brown)

19 Club Rio, Pensacola, FL

20 Thunderbirds, Panama City, FL

21-23 Comedy Zone @ The Ramada, Tallahassee, FL

24 Thunderbirds, Ft. Walton Beach, FL

26-1 The Punchline, Charlotte, NC


3-8 The Punchline @ Sandy Springs, Atlanta, GA (w/John Mendoza)


1-5 The Funny Bone, Shaumburgh, IL

9-11 Norfolk Comedy Club, Norfolk, VA

15-18 Toledo Comedy Club, Toledo, OH

21-25 The Punchline, Columbia, SC


29-3 Hilarities, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

6-9 Richmond Comedy Club, Richmond, VA (w/Gary DeLaney)

12 Mr. G's, Richmond, IN

13 Ramada Inn, Columbus, OH

14 Ozzie's Balcony Saloon, Oxford, OH

18 Bear's Place, Bloomington, IN

19 Two Keys Tavern, Lexington, KY

20 Barnaby's, Owensborro, KY

21 Our Place, Muncie, IN

23 TJ's, Findlay, OH


2 Comedy Zone @ Mountain Inn Resort, Lake Lure, NC (w/David Sayh)

3 Comedy Zone @ Holiday Inn, Boone, NC

4 Comedy Zone @ Holiday Inn, Sumnter, SC

5-7 Comedy Zone, Winston-Salem, NC

9-14 Zanies, Nashville, TN (w/Finis Henderson)

26-27 Wiley's 2 @ the Ramada Inn, Dayton, OH (w/Pat Sullivan)

31 Easy Street, Lancaster, OH


1 Hotel Morgan, Morgantown, WV

8-10 Roanoke, VA (w/Rich Voss)

12-16 Charlie Goodnight's (w/Robert Shimmel)

17 Comedy Zone @Omni Hotel, Chapel Hill, NC (w/Doug Doane)

18 Comedy Zone, Grayson, KY

21-25 Comedy on Broadway, Lexington, KY

26 Frankfort, KY

27-2 The Funny Farm, Louisville, KY


5 Pittsburgh, PA

6 Findlay, OH

7 Monaca, PA

8 Youngstown, OH

11 Paducah, KY

12-16 Huntsville, AL (w/Killer Beas)

19-23 Hilarities, Cuyahoga Falls, OH


1 Funny Business, Saginaw, MI

2-6 Connxtions, Lansing, MI


7-10 Snickerz, Ft. Wayne, IN (TV taping, "Night Shift w/ Kevin Furguson")

17 Met Jay Leno backstage @ The Front Row Theater between shows. He fed me pizza & Pepsi, and gave me advice!

21-23 Snickerz, Ft. Wayne, IN (No TV taping)

30 Funny Business, Port Huron, MI



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