Dec. 31 NYE @ the Beck Center, Lakewood, OH

6 Bear's Place, Bloomington, IN

7-12 Comedy Caravan, Louisville, KY

15-19 Funny Bone, Green Bay, WI

29-Mar. 2 Funny Bone, Evansville, IN


5 Comedy Zone, Greenville, NC (w/Dean Gaines)

6 Comedy Zone, Redford, VA (w/Dean Gaines)

7 Comedy Zone, Stanton, VA (w/Dean Gaines)

9 Comedy Zone, Fayettville, NC (w/Dean Gaines)


13 Comedy Zone, Harrisonburg, VA

14-15 Comedy Zone, Charleston, WA

18 Fairmount College, Fairmount, WV

19-22 Charlie Goodnight's, Raleigh, NC


26 Comedy Zone, Sumter, SC

27 Comedy Zone, Fayettville, NC

28 Comedy Zone, Lynchburg, VA

29 Comedy Zone, Winston-Salem, NC


12 Vincennes, IN

17-23 Hilarities, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

25-29 Funny Bone, Buffalo, NY (w/Nick DiPaolo)


2 Comedy Zone, Panama City, Fl

3-5 Comedy Zone, I-Drive, Orlando, FL

15-20 Comedy Zone, Jacksonville, FL

23-26 Comedy Corner (w/Darryl Rhodes & Anna Collins)


9-11 Italian Villa, Lancaster, PA

21-25 Funny Bone Station Square, Pittsburgh, PA


10-15 Funny Bone, Columbus, OH

25-29 Comedy Catch, Chatanooga, TN (w/James Gregory)


2-6 Funny Bone, Buffalo, NY

8-13 Star Dome, Birmingham, AL (w/James Gregory)


15 Comedy Zone, Clarksville, TN

16 Comedy Zone, Ozark, AL

17 Comedy Zone, Prestonsburg, KY

18-19 Comedy Zone, Knoxville, TN


22-27 Comedy House, Savannah, GA (w/James Gregory)

29-Aug. 2 Hilarities, Cleveland, OH (w/Rocky LaPorte)


5-10 The Improv, Cleveland, OH


4-6 Main Street Comedy Showcase, Ann Arbor, M

16-21 Comedy Zone, Charlotte, NC (w/Greg Ray)


28 First Run, Oxford, OH

30 Zanies, Nashville, TN


1-5 Zanies, Nashville, TN (w/James Gregory)

7-12 Improv, Cleveland, OH (w/Finis Henderson)

15-19 Funny Bone, Evansville, IN (w/Heath Hyche)

21-26 Comedy House, Macon, GA (w/Greg Ray)



7 TV Show Taping, "Comedy @ Club 54," Ontario, CN

25-30 Improv, Miami, FL (w/Brad Stine)


2-7 Improv, Miami, FL (w/Dan Bradley)

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