Scene Magazine Article

This was the first of two Scene Magazine articles written about be by the Scene's then music editor, Steven Batten, who has become one of my best friends. This article lead to my writing for Scene from 1996 to 1998, which lead to my becoming a staff writer for American Greetings in 2004, which led to my being fired from American Greetings in 2005, which led to my going to work for Carnival Cruise Lines in 2007.... Scene_Article.pdf


This is an article from an American comedy magazine called Rave, which was distributed to comedy clubs nationwide in the 80's. This issue, with the late and great Richard Jeni on the cover, came out in the winter of 1988. Fortunately, a friend of mine, the equally late and great Frankie Bastille, took me to Boston with him for a tour of one-niters. This magazine being on the table of every club in Boston opened many doors for me and I was welcomed into Catch A Rising Star, Stitches, the Comedy Connection and Nick's Comedy Stop, where I got to meet, hang with and see perform Marc Maron, Louis CK and David Cross. In addition to getting a last-minute college show booking in New Hampshire from uber-agent Barry Katz and my featured jokes appearing in many American comedy quote books over the years, I received the ultimate honor in Boston Comedy by being tricked into following the legendary Steve Sweeney onstage. It was considered a rite of passage on the Boston scene for the owner of Nick's to flatter a young comic with bogus compliments, beg him to do a guest set, and then put him up after King Sweeney had destroyed the room with 30 minutes of high-energy, mind-melting comedy destruction. And if this wasn't enough to make me feel like a comedy star in the making, Frankie and I spent the week tooling around Boston in my 1987 Yugo hatchback. And when we broke down on the way home to Cleveland, Frankie capped off our trip with the greatest you-had-to-be-there ad-libbed pun of all time: "Yugo out and push!"”

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